Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Title: Raja Nartaki, of, Vijayanagara Palace,(hampi)Pencil on Paper,imaginery art work, 15th century,
This is imeagenery art, on palace of the great Vijayanagara,(hampi)
when i read history on Vijayanagara,iam very much impressed
about( Abdul razak)he is from delhi sultan kingdom,he was written article on ,architecture of vijayanagara,he compares
that place to heaven,a number of artists enjoyed there work,working with Krishna deva raya,he precived art in hard marbel rock architectureal stuctures,go and visit that place,remaining structuers will tell us how, well taken care them by,the great Vijayanagara kings,let this picture take all of us
back to that period dream.

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