Saturday, December 22, 2007

Title:my exhibition

Title:Flew back to your home
Medium:Water Colour's on Paper

Where you get Peace full
rest and sleep,no where in this world you find
a better home like your own.

Title:Painting Studio

Title:Pluck Holy Feather's
Medium:Mixed Media

Title: Hard

No wear you find easy,be brave go ahead with guidance

you surely Reach.

Title:Land Scape.
Have a house with Nature

Getting Ready

Title:Join Hands.

Join hands to build a wall,and turn that in to a home, for all of us,we all want a shelter to creat a better world.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Evening hymn of Queen chinnamma devi
Wife of Krishnadevaraya,
Classic tunes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Title: Whistling the Divine RaptureMedium: Pencil on Papersize:9"x12"year:2004
soles want to lisson devine tune through cuckoo ears,when( lord sri krishna )tuneing with is ,
fluite,he was sourrounded by cuckoos,i feel that's , what a great oppurtiniety those birds got,
ultimate acchivement,we all pray got, to give us also same feeling when we see this art work.

Krishna in tune (2)

Divine Rapture

Title: Rathna vyapaari,Vijaya nagaram (15 th Century)At Virupaksha bazar(Hampi)medium: pencil on paper,size:11"x14" with fame:19"x22"year:2004
imaginery art work.
The great Vijayanagara empire,given highly respect for art architecture ,culture,music,dance, poets ,tradation specially in the period,of Krishna deva raya,Year:1509 to1530:Century ,
he was ruled 20 :Years created a history,it was a period
of,unprecedented prosperity,jewels and diamonds precious valueable stones,where selling in open air Virupaksha bazar,if this imaginery picture ,gives that feel ,
to the visitors,then my small effort,will satisfy.

Title: Raja Nartaki, of, Vijayanagara Palace,(hampi)Pencil on Paper,imaginery art work, 15th century,
This is imeagenery art, on palace of the great Vijayanagara,(hampi)
when i read history on Vijayanagara,iam very much impressed
about( Abdul razak)he is from delhi sultan kingdom,he was written article on ,architecture of vijayanagara,he compares
that place to heaven,a number of artists enjoyed there work,working with Krishna deva raya,he precived art in hard marbel rock architectureal stuctures,go and visit that place,remaining structuers will tell us how, well taken care them by,the great Vijayanagara kings,let this picture take all of us
back to that period dream.

The great Vijayanagara empire Palace guard (hampi)Pencil on Papersize:11"x14"with frame:16x19"year:2004 imaginery art work,15th century,
This imagInery art work,hear we can see ,palace guard,a typical hindu
kingdom gaurd, look at him, a guard looks like a lion,think how safe is place,
he is with pure indian hair style,in india ,gents never cut there hairs,see this imeage,how he looks ,with his hair style,the guards are very strong and brave in the city of hampi
very well traind,he was guarding not only a palace,he is guarding art.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Title:narthaki of Vijayanagaram(hampi)

imaginery art work,

Medium:pencil on parer

Size:18"x22"with frame:24"x30"


look at her dance,see her hip,i feel,her hip is not in a position,

but it is there, with her,her body language,was amazing, tipical indian barathanatyam bangima,the art is dancing through her body,each second of her movements is classic ,her costume is amazing,sourrounding atmosphere is build with great architecture,now what else she want,now her each step is classical ,ever green.

this is my first work inspired me to devolep my painting skills
my mom paid money to buy colours,i was asking money to buy colours
since one week,as one as she paid money,i went and purcheased colours,and
painted my first landscape,this work is reprodection of some old reader digist,
my painting carrisr begins with this work,this work sold in my first soloexhibition in bangalore,c.k.p.